We are looking for new cryptocurrencies to be listed on our platform through a special internal due diligence.

Coinone provides cryptocurrencies that have passed our strict audits to trade in our platform.

In the cryptocurrency market there are cryptocurrencies for drugs, gambling, or ponzi scheme, and so on.

For the safe transaction, Coinone offers only the appropriate cryptocurrency to trade.

Coinone does not accept any graft and fee for listing. 

Audit Process

We conduct the audit with four categories through special experts in each field.

  1. Business
    We examine the potential to complete their project, market suitability, the token sale, and so on. Additionally, we also may directly interview the project team members through face to face meetings or conference call.
  2. Reputation
    We check each cryptocurrency’s reputation in well-known communities. Also, we judge whether the project is suitable to the Korean market checking each cryptocurrency’s market reputation in each country.
  3. Technology
    We examine each cryptocurrency’s special technology, algorithm, protocol suitability and security. Furthermore, we also check development process and current state through Github and the roadmap.
  4. Market
    We check each cryptocurrency’s market position through market capitalization, volume, and other factors.

For more specific information or other inquiries, please refer to [Cryptocurrency Listing]

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