Please find [More - API - API management] menu to issue new API Key.


1) Personal

Please issue API Key from your personal account.

2) Corporate

Please issue API Key from corporate account.

3) Webpage or bot

Please use API Keys issued from personal account.



* Basic functions of API you can issue without contacting us are as follows;

- View Exchange

- View User Info

- Market Orders

- BTC withdrawals (API for other cryptocurrency deposit/withdrawal are not supported)


4) App

Please issue API for your app in [API management] page.

Only basic permissions to view Coinone exchange will be granted.

(i.e. Coinone BTC market price, Recent trade history, Asking price, KRW-USD exchange rate)

Please contact our online service center with a request form that contains the functions you need activated, and your need and purpose for said functions. Your request will be forwarded to responsible personnel.