Request to recover transaction made by mistake

- Name:

- Coinone Email Account:

- Registered Phone Number:

Also, please add [ETH sent to ETC wallet/ETC sent to ETH wallet], or [XRP sent with incorrect destination tag] depending on your situation.

- Coinone cryptocurrency wallet address:

- Mistaken cryptocurrency wallet address:

* in case of XRP mistransaction, please write the destination tag you have sent to

- Type of Cryptocurrency:



Screen capture of your deposit, taken from other exchange site or wallet

- Your inquiry might take up to 2~3 weeks to process.

- We are only able to process deposit transactions made to Coinone.

- In case you have made transaction from Coinone to other exchange, please contact said exchange.

All transaction mistakes are processed by development team, and requires certain amount of time. Your assets will be returned to you within 30 days.